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Dec. 29th, 2010 | 12:01 am




DAVE; The Nutcracker crossover
SOLLUX+ARADIA; happy best friend times
BECSPRITE; every second tier prototyping
THE MEDIUM; wallpaper
EVERYONE; Scott Pilgrim crossover
ANYONE; Inception crossover
JACK+CD; CD tries on the queen's ring
JACK+ERIDAN; Eridan gives him the matriorb
KARKAT+SOLLUX; looking after the newly blind
KARKAT+EQUIUS; Equius the bodyguard
KARKAT+KANAYA+EQUIUS; watching Twilight
TEREZI+TAVROS+ARADIA; pre-accident Flarp
EVERYONE; Discworld crossover
SBAHJ; straight from the animes
TEREZI+ERIDAN; learning that he cheats at Flarp
BQ+JACK; 'playing' together as children
KARKAT; if failed paradox clones are mutants, then...
THE TROLLS; with CLAMP-style clones
JOHN; Typheus is made of peanut butter
KARKAT+SOLLUX; looking out for Sollux
GAMZEE+KANAYA; vampire vs clown
KARAKT+NEPETA+EQUIUS; Nepeta spilling all of Equius' secrets
EVERYONE; carapace and humans swap
GAMZEE+GOATDAD; the reason his lusus is always absent
WV; first encounter with a vending machine
EVERYONE; kids are much STRONGer than the trolls
KARKAT+JOHN; an unimpressive discussion of human romance
FEFERI; troll asthmatic
THE KIDS; meeting in person for the first time
ARADIA; five times she died, one time she didn't
THE FELT; how they got together
DOC SCRATH+BECQUEREL; playing together as babies
DAVE+SOLLUX; graphing calculator shenanigans
NEPETA; she approves of humans reproduction
EVERYONE; the kids are physically way tougher than the trolls
MUSIC; mashup of Beatdown + The Baby Is You
TEREZI+GAMZEE; a rad bromance
KIDS+TAVROS; the kids love Tavros, no one else is amused
SLICK; unhappy post-moult
THE KIDS; drinking away their sorrows
KARKAT+KANAYA; dressing him up
THE TROLLS; taking troll society by storm after the reset
THE TROLLS; reactions to blood transfusions
TAVROS; befriending horrorterrors
THE KIDS; Dave is short and only ironically upset about it
THE TROLLS; alt bloodline where the anonymous grey isn't a mutantblood
JOHN+DAD; father-son shenanigans
TROLL OSCAR WILDE; The Importance of Being Brutal
JOHN+ARADIA; an adorable friendship
EVERYONE; trolls are the size of bugs to humans
DAVE; he wants to be just like Bro when he grows up
DAVE OR JOHN; whining about the flu
VRISKA+SPIDERMOM; little Vriska and her lusus
DAVE+KIDS; he pushes himself too hard and breaks down
EVERYONE; everyone is a gargoyle
KARKAT+JACK; Jack acquires the ring in the trolls' session
ROSE+JADE; parent swap AU
JADE+KARKAT; meeting in a dream bubble
SPADES SLICK; is biologically female
KARKAT+ERIDAN; gossiping like old hens
EVERYONE; Summerland crossover
ROSE+JADE; sleepover party
EVERYONE; as Disney Princess superheroes
ERIDAN+JACK; Eridan meets Jack to join forces
JACK+SPADES SLICK; meeting themselves
JADE+TAVROS; Tav is sensitive about the size of his horns
GAMZEE+ANYONE; Gamzee gets some converts
EVERYONE; California Girls
GAMZEE; as Albert Einstein?
TROLLS; their fanhumans
KARKAT+KANAYA; only sane trolls on Alternia
KARKAT+EQUIUS+GAMZEE; Karkat needs some help
KARKAT+DAVE+JOHN; Karkat has strange mannerisms
KARKAT+DAD+JOHN; Karkat is adopted into their family after the credits roll
KIDS+JACK; bad horrible murdering dogmanalienbird, worst friend
SOLLUX+ANYONE; I want my jerk back
SNOWMAN; in a maid costume??
VRISKA+ARADIA; as rivals or partners
JACK+JADE; what is platonic love
DAVE; secretly loves musicals
JADE+KARKAT; go to sleep already fuckass!!
JADE+JACK; a Beauty and the Beast scenario, but Jade never accepts
JADE; it's time for her to get a new dog
KID+TROLL; ET phone home AU
NEPETA+EQUIUS; playing Fidusspawn or Pokemon
DAVE+KANAYA; bonding though shared vampirism
ANCESTORS; Nepeta and Equius
KIDS; after the reset, everything feels a little off
EVERYONE; a mixed society of human, troll and carapace exists generations after the game is completed
DAVE+KARKAT; more in common than previously thought
JOHN; telling tall, dorky tales
KIDS+TROLLS; with not translator machines troll english opposite best
JOHN+TROLLS; they are appalled by John's supposed pale infidelity
BRO; is prototyped by Jade, becomes DAWGSPRITE
KIDS; after life returns to normal, the kids keep their powers
MIDNIGHT CREW; teaching themselves to speak
KIDS; AU in which friendships torn asunder by leading opposite sides of the chessboard
JOHN+DAVE; get into a bad argument
EVERYONE; Chrono Trigger crossover
ROSE+JADE; being bros
TROLLS; awful multicultural mural
JOHN+DAVE; awkward parentswap
KIDS; AU in which they are raised as siblings by Mom and Dad
KIDS; AU in which they are raised as siblings by... the rulers of Prospit/Derse.
KARKAT; has bizarrely cat-like mannerisms
TAVROS; just can't take it anymore
TEREZI+KARKAT; go to art class
KIDS; gif of this
DAVE+BRO; one of the doomed Daves dies in Bro's arms, "make me cry"
ROSE+DAVE; floundering in the doomed timeline
EVERYONE; goes to Disneyworld
DAVE+JOHN; how they met
DAVE+KANAYA; bonding over fashion
KARKAT+JOHN; dating advice
DAVE+TEREZI; her sassy gay friend, ironically
DAVE; nostalgically longing for horse chops
EVERYONE; AU where trolls crashland on Earth and are found by the SCP Foundation
GAMZEE+TROLLS; they drug him up and let him live
EVERYONE; crossover with Reborn!
ROSE+MOM; AU where they do the heroine thing
JOHN+KARKAT; watch Moulin Rouge
JOHN+KARKAT; Odd Couple-esque sitcom shenanigans
DAVE; he runs away from home
KARKAT; the grumpiest Scyther in a Pokemon AU
JOHN+ANYONE; responding to his death
KARKAT+SOLLUX+GAMZEE OR SOLLUX+KARKAT+ERIDAN; human AU where Karkat or Sollux is suicidal and the others help them out
EVERYONE; they've been mispronouncing each others' names
EVERYONE; post-game, the trolls visit earth for Halloween
ANYONE; the game only ever happened in their head
JOHN+KARKAT+VRISKA+DAVE+TEREZI; watching Casablanca and accidentally mocking Dave's Jewish heritage
JADE+DAVE+JOHN; her conception of relationships is shaped by fanfiction
TAVROS; meeting Fluttershy from My Little Pony
EVERYONE; the trolls react to the humans' blue veins
DAVE; dancing ironically well
TEREZI; using the stuffed Pyralspite as a surrogate lusus
JADE+KANAYA; meeting [spoilers!] from Portal 2
KANAYA; sad about her mom
FEFERI; activist ideals being thwarted
ANYONE; Labyrinth crossover
VRISKA+TEREZI; Scourge Sister origins
DAVE; on sopor slime
EVERYONE; the kids judge which troll had the worst life
DAVE+BRO; dealing with albinism in Texas
KARKAT; his mutant blood actually makes him royalty
VRISKA; Mindfang's journal is a work of fiction
ROSE+DAVE+BRO; triplets raised by Mom
NEPETA+EQUIUS; on a roleplaying adventure to save him from real danger
KIDS+TROLLS; ectobiology hybrid babies
NEPETA+WHITE KING; a second best friend
ERIDAN; Young Wizards crossover
DAVE; a member of the Dave Conspiracy
DAVE; someone discovers his hilarious middle name
KARKAT+CRABDAD; those pincers hurt!
BRO; his teen adventures
DAVE OR ARADIA; noticed by The Doctor
KIDS; get mics, hear each others' accents
ANYONE; crossover with My Little Pony, Soul Eater, or How To Train Your Dragon
DAVE+ROSE; post-game siblings
ERIDAN+EQUIUS; Eridan makes Equius feel awkward
BRO+DAVE; Bro is actually Canadian
DAVE+ROSE+MOM+BRO; no game, same family situation, and Dave finds out
KIDS; how they met
TAVROS+KANAYA+SOLLUX+KARKAT; art of them getting a big hug from Heavy of Team Fortress 2
KANAYA OR KANCESTOR; adopting a lowblooded grub
GAMZEE; art of each bloodswap based on a different musician
KIDS+TROLLS; amazed by human eye colours
FEFERI+ERIDAN; + this song
THE KIDS; boardingschoolstuck
THE KIDS; sopor slime gives them nightmares
ERIDAN+DAVE; Weeping Angels
ANYONE; Epic Meal Time crossover
ANYONE; Earthbound crossover
DAVE+BRO; hashrap battle

TEREZI♥KANAYA; anything goes
JADE♥DAVE♠ERIDAN; Dave trolls Eridan on Jade's behalf; Eridan finds new hate
JOHN♥DAVE; bonding over Nic Cage
FEFERI♥♦ERIDAN; as moirails or matesprits
FEFERI♥GAMZEE; awkward courtship in an alternate universe
SNOWMAN/BEC NOIR; they call him the Sovereign Slayer
DAVE/JOHN; wooing him ironically
KANAYA♥ROSE; vampiric cliches
FEFERI♦ERIDAN♠VRISKA; Feferi evaluating Vriska's caliginous potential
POUNCE DE LEON/JASPERS; surprise kitty-sprite love
VRISKA/JOHN; discussing feelings on the black oracle pile
SOLLUX+KARKAT/JOHN; meeting in a dreambubble after Sollux knocks him out
KARKAT♠JOHN♥MALE; to Karkat's chagrin, John falls in love with a guy
DAVE/JOHN; anything goes
ROSE/JADE; and suddenly, they're a couple
NEPETA+ANYONE/ANYONE; forcing her ships to become canon
EQUIUS/JADE; sparring in the Iron Lass suit
EVERYONE/BRO; everyone is crushing on Bro
DAVE/JADE OR JOHN/ROSE; meet the parents
DAVE♠KARKAT; hate at first sight
TROLL♥KID; a misunderstood flushed confession
KARKAT/JOHN; cultural differences about physical contact
DAVE/JADE OR JOHN/ROSE; the boys get jealous when the girls interact with the trolls
VRISKA/TAVROS; she lets him live
ROSE/KANAYA; grimdark/rainbow drinker
EQUIUS/ARADIA; a dreambubble visit
KANAYA♥ROSE; moirailzones herself but gets asked out anyway
JOHN/KARKAT; under an umbrella when the sun is out
JADE♥DAVE; Dave is jealous of Jade's new boyfriend
ROSE♥JADE; Unexpected reactions to Karkat's stupid shipping map
KARKAT/JADE; sensitive horns
ROSE♥JADE; anything goes
Dutton/Cage; what the fuck is this even
DAVE♥TEREZI; talking about feelings to a grave
KARKAT/JOHN; Gamzee teaches them the miracle of pies
KARKAT♥TEREZI; he won't repeat the mistakes he made with Kanaya
KARKAT/SOLLUX; hurt, comfort and feelings
TEREZI♠VRISKA+NEPETA; she knew they were perfect for one another
VRISKA♥♦KANAYA; Kanaya needs help with that vampire thing
EQUIUS♥ARADIA; goodbye hug
JADE♦JACK; good horrible murdering dogmanalienbird, best friend
VRISKA♦JOHN♦DAVE; pale love triangle
KID♠TROLL; anything goes except John♠Karkat
ARADIA/ROSE; anything goes
DAVE♠KARKAT; anything goes
VRISKA♥KANAYA; Vriska needs a makeover
JOHN♥GAMZEE; a romantic fanfiction by Rose Lalonde
KID♥KID; sloppy saccharine internet dating
ROSE♥JOHN; Rose visits doomed timeline John in his dream bubble
NEPETA♥DAVE; matchmaking in the afterlife
JADE♥ANYONE; Bec isn't used to the new boyfriend
ERIDAN♠VRISKA; he isn't really Dualscar's descendant, they just wanted to believe they would be fated lovers (haters?)
JADE♥TAVROS; she gives him her hidden kiss (Peter Pan crossover?)
JOHN♥♦♣DAVE/KARKAT; John is their auspistice and moirail, Dave loves him, Karkat hates him, it is just a big clusterfuck
TAVROS♥ROSE; mutual and sweet
GAMZEE♦KARKAT; he knew he'd go crazy someday, he just wanted Karkat to be his anchor when it happened
NEPETA♥KARKAT; love confession
TEREZI♥KARKAT; genderswap
EQUIUS♦NEPETA; a moiraillegiance version of Mack and Mabel
TAVROS♥JADE; pre-cliff, Tavros and Jade in Prospit, the only place he ever felt like himself
GAMZEE♥TAVROS; Gamzee is female, secretly, I think
VRISKA/KARKAT; anything goes
DAVE+JOHN/KARKAT; Dave and Karkat hanging out with John and attempting to get along
KARKAT/JOHN; melting at backrubs
VRISKA♠ERIDAN; as kickass kismeses
JOHN/KARKAT♦KANAYA/ROSE; double (triple?) date
KARKAT♥JADE; getting her a Squiddles plush for her birthday
DAVE+KARKAT+JOHN♥ROSE; awkward accidental sleepover-induced confessions
DAVE♥JOHN; John talks too much
DAVE♥JOHN; a meet-the-Dad moment of which Dave is terrified
JOHN♥KARKAT; sappy make-ups after John takes Karkat too seriously
JOHN♥KARKAT; explaining the alien in his house, post-SBURB
GAMZEE/TAVROS; jacket-sharing fluff
ROSE/ARADIA; Rose falling head over heels
KANAYA♦VRISKA; how they became moirails
YOUR OTP; in a new quadrant
NEPETA♥ERIDAN; anything goes
NANNA♦MINDFANG; AU with kids and guardians swapped
JOHN/KARKAT; fluffy family shenanigans
SOLLUX/KARKAT; Karkat walks in on Sollux breakdancing




JOHN+JADE; east asian features [x]
EVERYONE; Persona 4 crossover [x] [x] [x] [x] [x]
BRO; what he was doing in Davesprite's doomed timeline [x] [x]
CARAPACES+KIDS OR TROLLS; anything goes [x] [x]
KIDS+TROLLS; trolls react to Dave's transgender issues [x]
ERIDAN+FEFERI; something cute [broken link]
KARKAT+JOHN; Karkat goes insane [x] [x]
EVERYONE; Star Trek crossover [x]
ANY TROLL; last one left alive in the Veil [x] [x]
ROSE+JOHN+DAVE+KARKAT+SOLLUX+GAMZEE; alternate universe in the 20s [x]
EVERYONE; the kids made the trolls' universe [x]
EVERYONE; the humans are trolls, and the trolls are humans [x]
VRISKA; in dreambubbles, she is the hero [x]
GAMZEE+EVERYONE; getting everyone addicted to sopor slime [x]
EVERYONE; Pokemon crossover [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x]
JADE+TROLLS; pacifying the PMSing beast [x]
VRISKA+TROLLS; Vriska ruthlessly befriending everyone [x]
ANYONE; a crossover with anything [x]
THE KIDS+PATRON TROLLS; the kids and their patron trolls switch places [x] [x]
JOHN+KANAYA; being friends [x]
DAVE; Dave the merman [x]
BRO; finding out he's really Dave's father [x]
THE TROLLS; trying to disguise themselves as humans [x]
KIDS+TROLLS; AU in which both species coexist [x] [x]
KID+ANYONE; swing dancing [x] [x]
TAVROS+JACK; good slayer best friend [x]
ARADIA; it's good to be alive again [x]
ANYONE; Fuck My Life: Homestuck Edition [x]
EQUIUS; anything goes [x] [x] [x]
KARKAT+JOHN; are we still friends [x]
GAMZEE+KARKAT+SOLLUX; Gamzee finally manages to corner them [x]
KARKAT+ANYONE; my first blood brother [x]
DOC SCRATCH; an excellent host [x]
BRO+DAVE; Dave isn't as cool in real life as he is on the internet [x]
TROLLS+KIDS; trolls doing what they do best, conquering puny alien races [x] [x]
DAVE; in "marshmallow hell" [x]
TROLLS; in formal clothes [x] [x]
13TH ZODIAC TROLL; the Mary Sue to end all Mary Sues [x] [x]
MOM; watching as Rose grows up [x]
JOHN; he's a god in his new world [x]
TROLLS; but I can't ship with this [x] [x]
DAVE+EQUIUS; bonding over My Little Pony [x]
JOHN+DAVE; comforting John when he hears about Nic Cage's arrest [x]
SIS STRIDER+DAVE; possible dynamics between Dave and genderswapped Bro [x]
TEREZI+KARKAT; fantasy AU where he's a dragon and she's a dragon rider [x]
EVERYONE; Inception crossover [x]
DAVE; his first period [x]
KARKAT; pupating into an atlas moth because of Weird Genetic Shit [x] [x]
NEPETA; roleplaying at an important political figure [x]
JOHN; outliving all his friends [x]
ANYONE; Exalted crossover [x]
ERIDAN; panicking at the treatment of jewels in Bejewelled [x]
THE KIDS; bonding over Pokemon [x]
ERIDAN; he wants to be thrown off a cliff too [x]
JOHN+KARKAT; pranks him with QWOP [x]
JADE+KARKAT; she draws on his face while he's sleeping [x]
TEREZI; dropping the flirty mask [x]
JADE+JADESPRITE; bonding over furry fandom [x]
ANYONE; Animorphs crossover [x]

SOLLUX♥ARADIA; something sweet and sappy [x]
JADE♥DAVE; playing in the snow [x]
TEREZI/DAVE; manipulation [x]
TROLL♣KID♠TROLL; one troll encouraging hate between a kid and another troll [x] [x]
DAVE/JOHN; a love confession so ironic that nobody believes him [x]
GAMZEE/ANYONE; anything goes [x] [x]
VRISKA/KANAYA; flipping out at Kanaya's death [x] [x] [x]
KARKAT♥TEREZI; fluff [x] [x]
KARKAT/JOHN; vampire AU [x]
KARKAT/ANYONE; awkward angry hugs [x]
ARADIA/ROSE; anything goes [x]
KARKAT/JADE; he'd make a better human [x]
SOLLUX♥TEREZI; anything goes [x]
ROSE/DAVE; stealing his shades for science [x]
DAVE/JOHN; took him to prom [x]
TROLL♠TROLL; a blackrom wedding [x]
KARKAT♥♦KANAYA; anything goes [x]
GAMZEE/JOHN; anything goes [x]
KARKAT/JOHN; Karkat doesn't eat enough [x] [x]
PAIRING GENERATOR; fill the first prompt you get [x] [x] [x] [x] [x]
JADE♥♦FEFERI; something fluffy [x]
ERIDAN♠ROSE; showdown [x]
DAVE♥JOHN; gay chicken [x] [x]
ROSE♥KANAYA; reasons for the blackout [x]
TROLLS; the equivalent of Valentine's Day [x]
KARKAT♥JOHN+DAD Dad sits them both down to have The Talk [x]
JOHN♥DAVE; from the perspective of Bro [x]
JOHN♥ROSE; she likes his sappiness more than she lets on [x]
DAVE; explains to his college roommate about the fridge swords [x]
ARADIA♠FEFERI; the fluffiest kismeses [x]
GAMZEE/GAMZEE; attracted to himself [x]
KARKAT♥ANYONE; someone comforting Karkat post-game [x]
NEPETA♦EQUIUS+POUNCE DE LEON; overprotective parent routine [x]
TROLLS+KIDS; misunderstanding pity-based confessions [x]
JOHN/GIRL; comforts her with cake [x]
KARKAT/JOHN; tricked into a troll romance [x]
JOHN♥KARKAT; grows jealous of John acting nice to everyone and realizes he's actually flushed [x]
ROSE♥GAMZEE; fluff [x] [x]
ERIDAN♦ANYONE; bidding for a pale romance [x]
ERIDAN♥ROSE; wooing her with Rick Astley [x]
KARKAT/JOHN; heartbreak over unrequited feelings [x]
NEPETA♥KARKAT; fluff [x]

This list will be continually updated as prompts are filled. Yes, you can still fill prompts in Act One, even the old ones on the first page. The new meme is for new requests.

Comment if you find broken links or if there are missed prompts.

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