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Jul. 8th, 2011 | 05:14 pm




JOHN; a storm-chaser post-SBURB
NEPETA; meeting Nyancat
JOHN+DAVE+BRO; John meets Bro for the first time and they get along well
EVERYONE; Tron crossover AU where the kids are programs
JOHN+DAD OR ROSE+MOM; anything goes
ANYONE; Ponycorn crossover
JOHN+TROLLS; killing god tier John whenever he gets annoying
EVERYONE; finds the prompt memes
KARKAT; victim of an ancient conspiracy to keep pink blood royal
KARKAT+JOHN; something based on this
KARKAT+NEPETA; Equius dies, she doesn't, and lonely she regresses towards feral
WV; wears the ring and feels conflicted about it
DAVE; deconstructing magical girl everything
SUMMONER+GRAND HIGHBLOOD; revolution shenanigans
JOHN+CASEY+DAD; post-game happy family times
ARADIA+ANYONE; talking about what it was like to be a ghost
BRO; has a failing liver and only Dave or Rose can be donors
SIS+ROSE STRIDER; passive aggressive wars of irony
THE KIDS; are actually aliens
ARADIA+ANYONE; someone finds her self-insert troll Indiana Jones fic
KARKAT; the only one blinded by earth's light
EVERYONE; their new universe is Equestria
DAVE+JOHN OR GAMZEE+KARKAT; drug-induced shenanigans
FEFERI+TROLLS; werewolf syndrome
KIDS; get sick, look after each other
KARKAT+KIDS; not the only redblood anymore
KIDS; raising baby grubs as pets
KARKAT; being a capable leader in a dangerous situation
KIDS; being kids
ARADIA+TAVROS; in dreambubbles
KIDS+TROLLS; weird troll biology shit
KIDS+TROLLS; getting freaked out by gory facets of human history
JOHN+ROSE; they're exercising, he's a wuss
TAVROS+EQUIUS; and My Little Pony
ANYONE; Sburb + TVTropes = crashed computer
ANYONE; music video set to "Cruel Angel's Thesis"
TROLLS; reactions to learning about where babby comes from
JOHN+GAMZEE; prankster duo
KIDS+EXILES; swapped places
VRISKA; with mutant blood
GAMZEE; flipping sober over Tavros' murder
VRISKA+SOLLUX; team up, be awesome
SLICK+KARKAT+GAMZEE; catching Slick doing something incredibly silly
DAVE; and everyone's dead
KIDS; breaking down under the stress of the game
VRISKA+TAVROS; she hits her head while Flarping and starts acting weirdly nice
GUARDIANS+KIDS; trying to run away from home
GUARDIANS; prepping for the game together in advance
TROLLS; watching Monty Python
JOHN; realizing he's gay, with no ships involved
NEPETA+EQUIUS+VRISKA; he dies protecting Nepeta from Flarp; what now?
TAVROS+SUMMONER; getting some advice
TROLLS; worldbuilding for growing up Alternian
KARKAT; his blood colour changes
ANYONE; Penny Arcade crossover
TROLLS; meeting Death from Discworld
KARKAT; Cancer is a frog in the Tibetan zodiac
KIDS; Portal crossover
EVERYONE; as gladiators
PM; Discworld crossover (with mail)
ROSE; be the Kamen rider
JOHN+KARKAT; Invader Zim crossover
TAVROS+GAMZE+DAVES; doomed Dave rap-off
CARAPACE; ritual name-change
JOHN+JADE+JAKE+JANE; family with Jake as the big brother and Jane as the girl down the street
ARADIA+ANYONE; inspired by the song Stranger
KIDS+TROLLS; fully powered post-game
JADE; as dog tier
KARKAT+DAVE/DAVESPRITE+JADE/JADESPRITE; Karkat shipping people with themselves
JOHN+DAVE; chubby Dave
EVERYONE X-Men crossover
KIDS; dumped on Alternia post-game
KARKAT+KIDS; watching Disney movies
KIDS; Doctor Who crossover
VRISKA; plus Death the Kid
JAKE+JOHN; personality swap
TROLLS+KIDS; Alternia invades Earth, kids fight back with god tiers
PM; meet the reset
KIDS; kicked out of the game minus their guardians and trying to survive
ANYONE; Western AU
GAMZEE; learning to dance
SNOWMAN+SLICK; drunkenly singing 'Fairytale of New York'
ANYONE; Star Trek crossover
KARKAT/JOHN OR BRO+DAVE; watching over the other while they're sleeping
TEREZI+DAVE; Troll Hanukgah
JOHN; Trickster mode is his Limit Break
ERIDAN; and Weeping Angels
KIDS+GAMZEE; America's Best Dance Crew
ANYONE; adapt your favourite scene into script format
BEC; So You Want To Be A Wizard crossover
NEPETA+ANYONE; be the DM, play the DnD
KARKAT+ANYONE; finding out his blood colour when his eyes fill in
BETA KIDS; meet on a television and don't remember each other

NEPETA♦EQUIUS; fluffy moirallegiance inspired by this song
JOHN/VRISKA; talking about feelings
VRISKA/TEREZI; a confrontation in Terezi's quest cocoon
TEREZI♥DAVE; he doesn't understand her need to fill other quadrants
TEREZI♥VRISKA; Terezi falls in redrom with her RP partner
ROSE/JOHN; interprets his niceness as passive aggression and responds in kind
NEPETA+KARKAT+TEREZI+DAVE+JADE; sitcom-style romantic clusterfuck
DAVE/JOHN; Casey has two dads
GAMZEE♥JOHN; anything goes
SOLLUX♥ARADIA; anything goes
ROSE♦KANAYA; Kanaya misunderstands Rose's dream of becoming a psychotherapist
JOHN/ROSE+VRISKA+KANAYA+KARKAT; horrible dating advice
ERIDAN♠ROSE; dreambubble shenanigans
NEPETA♥KARKAT; tickling!
JOHN/KARKAT+ROSE/KANAYA; doubledate with sushi and movies
BRO/REDGLARE; strobelights or dreambubbles
ERIDAN♠FEFERI; becoming kismeses
NEPETA+TAVROS/DAVE; why she ships it
DAD/MINDFANG; anything goes
ARADIA/DOC SCRATCH; no more breathing
REDGLARE/SUFFERER; admires his justice
EQUIUS♦NEPETA; he'll find a hug proxy
GAMZEE/TAVROS+KARKAT; Gamzee and Tavros go flushed, Karkat is not amused
JOHN/ROSE; John is the worst vampire ever
KARKAT/NEPETA; stumbling across her corpse
WV/PM; anything goes
KARKAT/JOHN; Karkat courts John
KARKAT/ANYONE; damages a horn, needs some medical attention
ERIDAN/GAMZEE; a genuine redrom
NEPETA♥FEFERI; anything (with puns) goes
JADE/ROSE; sleepovers and martinis
SOLLUX♥KANAYA; sharing a moment in the Veil after he goes blind
ROSE/DUALSCAR; anything goes
PM/WV/AR; fluff
DAVE/TEREZI; ironic first date
ROSE+JOHN/VRISKA; learning how to knit
DAVE+JADE/KARKAT; historystuck
EQUIUS♥ARADIA; dreambubble fluff
KARKAT/NEPETA; she isn't all sugar and rainbows
ERIDAN♥KANAYA; he falls genuinely in flush
SOLLUX♥ARADIA; he doesn't like her kismessitude with Equius
VRISKA♥JOHN♠KARKAT; working this poly thing out
KIDS; fill all of the quadrants
KARKAT♥JOHN; doing the matesprit duty of protecting your partner when they're sick
DAD/MINDFANG; in dreambubbles
DAVE/JADE; closure
BRO/JAKE; completely rejected confession
BRO/DAVE; incest with consequences
NEPETA♥KARKAT+EQUIUS; all getting along
DAVE/JOHN; in which Dave is the weaker one
EQUIUS♦NEPETA+GAMZEE; what happens when Nepeta dies first?
ROSE/JOHN AND DAVE/JADE; still remembering being in love after the Scratch
BRO/PSIIONIIC; SBURB bros or older siblings to Dave and Sollux
HUMAN♦TROLL; working out a moirallegiance
ERDIAN♥/♦FEFERI; he confesses in person
FEFERI/JADE; Jade alchemizes a Feffle at a Squiddle party




ANYONE; crossover with Old Spice Guy [x]
THE KIDS; Puella Magi Madoka Magica crossover [x]
EVERYONE; with daemons [x] [x] [x] [x]
ANYONE; ThatGuyWithTheGlasses crossover [x]
KIDS+ANYONE; different patron trolls [x] [x]
HUSSIE; declares a thirteen year hiatus on Oct 24th [x]
ERIDAN+ANYONE; casual drunken feelings jam [x]
DAVE; dealing with being bullied as a kid [x]
KANAYA; admire sewing machine [x]
TEREZI+ANYONE; finding her 'porn' folder (it's full of red) [x]

DAVE/JADE; he confesses while she's asleep, she doesn't remember it [x]
VRISKA/KANAYA; Vriska falls in love, Kanaya falls out [x]
JOHN/KARKAT; dreambubble love [x]
JOHN/TEREZI; anything goes [x]
JOHN/KARKAT; Karkat gets sick [x]
ERIDAN♦ROSE; anything goes [x]
GAMZEE♥NEPETA; dancing [x]
NEPETA/KID; one of the kids accidentally proposes to her by giving her a bell collar [x]
JOHN/VRISKA; how do I live without you? [x]
VRISKA/KARKAT; human AU where she has a bluh bluh huge crush and he is oblivious to it [x]

This list will be continually updated as prompts are filled. Yes, you can still fill prompts in Act One, even the old ones on the first page. The new meme is for new requests.

Comment if you find broken links or if there are missed prompts.

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Comments {2}


from: anonymous
date: Sep. 1st, 2011 02:11 am (UTC)

Hmmm, not to sure how to phrase this into a request but, eh, I'll try anyways XD

Basically, what I am thinking of, though am to bad at writing to do myself and be satisfied, is kind of like a timeline between Karkat and Terezi, ya know, like when they first met/ When Terezi was blinded/ When Sgrub started/ After Sgrub was over, maybe not those particular events, but you get the point, right?

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Re: Karkat/Terezi

from: anonymous
date: Sep. 9th, 2011 07:40 pm (UTC)

wrong place, dude. you'll wanna post this up at the actual request post. this is just the fill index

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