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Sep. 12th, 2010 | 03:37 pm


It is what all the cool memes are doing nowadays!

The only rule is, don't be a total passive-aggressive douche. This isn't the place to spew all your vitriolic unrequited blackrom feelings for other members of of our dear fandom--or if you can't resist, at least don't mention them by name, that shit is just a little too petty. If it gets out of hand I'll ban you so fast Karkat would be impressed.

Other than that, hop to it, anons. And TITLE YOUR THREADS it could get pretty confusing all up in here if you didn't!

PS, as one kind anon pointed out, if you want to see the comments in chronological order instead of thread format, put ?view=flat after html in the URL. Or click here, whatever.

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Re: The smell of slasher buttfury in the morning

from: anonymous
date: Jul. 21st, 2011 05:47 am (UTC)

Here's the thing about trends. It's not that you can't explain why this fic or that fic happens to have no girls in it. It's that as a whole, there's a definite trend that can't be explained by chance or those reasons, and that trend is that the female characters just aren't written about as much.

People writing slash are usually only writing about the two characters in their pairing, meaning that when slash is the dominant type of fic, people are mainly writing about boys and the girls aren't being written at all. When the people writing about slash have side characters, those side characters are usually male. When the slash has both male and female characters, male characters usually get more speaking roles. And only after removing all those usually/usually/usually things do we get even to the point of side characters having equal male and female representation.

And then in addition the slash that does have female characters has a reasonable chance of being sexist to varying degrees.

All of that adds up to "problematic".

I can go through the current stuff on the kink meme and see what happens when we're not restricted to the John/Karkat tag, but I would bet it would be the same thing of female characters just being around generally less.

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